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Load and Go Moving Services

Convenient, Affordable Moving Services in Arizona


M Load goes the extra mile to give you the most value for your dollar. 


M Load strives to bring the highest level of integrity and honesty to all our moves.


8+ years in the moving industry.

Make Your Next Move Easier

Professional Drivers

Don’t worry about trying to maneuver a big moving truck. When you book our Load and Go moving service, our professional driver meets you at your old home so you can start packing.

Once you’re ready to move, our driver hauls your belongings to your new home. Once there, you can start unloading again.

All the Tools You Need

When your moving truck arrives, you’ll find everything you need to safely and efficiently pack up and move.

We provide a dolley, screwdriver, wrench, lifting straps, straps to secure belongings, and 25 boxes to help you disassemble furniture, move large items with ease, and keep your belongings organized.

Affordable Rates

Our starting rate for our Load and Go moving services is $500 for four hours. This is about the perfect amount of time for a local move.

If you need additional time to pack, move, and unload, we charge by the hour beyond the first four hours of service to ensure you get exactly what you need without feeling rushed.

Stay in Control of Your Belongings

When you have the resources you need for your move, it makes packing and moving easier. With the Load and Go moving services, you have control over how to pack your belongings and how to arrange them in the truck. This service doesn’t provide movers, but it does provide all of the tools you need to move your belongings yourself safely and efficiently.

Leave the Commercial Driving to the Pros

Due to its size, a moving truck is considered a commercial vehicle. This can be intimidating to drive for those who don’t have experience, as well as a hazard for others on the road. With the Load and Go services, though, you don’t have to worry about the risk! We send a professional driver to you with your moving truck. They’ll handle all of the transport so you can focus on your packing.

Great Deal for College Students, Young Adults, and More!

Moving can be expensive. Whether you’re purchasing a home or renting a new place, you have enough on your plate to pay for during this transition. Your moving services should be affordable! With Load and Go moving services from M Load Pro Services, you pay a flat fee of $500 for four hours. This fee includes the moving truck and all of the moving supplies we provide to make your move easier. If you need the truck for a longer period of time, no worries! We charge an hourly rate beyond the initial four hours of rental time.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, M Load Pro Services in Arizona is here to help streamline your move. Our Load and Go moving services provide you with all of the resources you need to pack and move without the hassle of trying to drive a commercial vehicle or expensive charges. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to book this moving service.

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